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PCI Compliance—Not an option!  Are you getting calls from merchant service providers these days about PCI compliance.  What they are trying to sell you is one thing—but compliance is a real concern for many merchants.  You may expose your company to liability and adversely affect your customers.   Please go to the following link for additional guidance and then call CFS at 866.320.8808! www.pcisecuritystandards.org

Visa/MasterCard Rate Increases—Fall interchange  adjustments have not been released yet.  We’ll keep you advised.

Covenant Financial Solutions

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is a Proud Member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce

Our Promise, Your Partner


A covenant is an unwavering promise, a commitment.  Our covenant to you is that we will provide comprehensive, professional and prompt service at all times to meet your ongoing needs and those of your business.

Typically in this industry, you encounter firms driven solely by sales.  We believe that once you become a CFS Client, a fiduciary duty to you is created.  Not all firms share that view.

We have an extensive background in banking and finance that gives us great insight into your needs.  We believe that this knowledge and experience benefits our clients and differentiates us from our competitors.  Our mission is to provide you, our client, with incomparable service as well as systems and  products to meet the ongoing needs of your business. 

We are committed to long term relationships with our merchant clients.  We offer highly competitive rate structures and product pricing.  Ours is an ongoing partnership.  We are pleased to be of assistance to you and your company now and in the future.

Contact Information


Phone: 512.320.8808

Toll Free 866.320.8808

Fax: 512.320.8684

E-mail: information@cfs-texas.com


Ö   Merchant Credit Card Processing

Ö   Gift Cards

Ö   Check Guarantee & Conversion

Ö   Terminals & Internet Gateways

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Text Box: Offering Comprehensive Merchant Solutions Including Credit & Debit Card Processing, Check Verification and Guarantee Programs, Gift & Loyalty Card Programs As Well As An Array Of Point Of Sale Hardware & Software 
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